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Different types of plywood

The words ‘best’ and ‘most affordable’ do not normally go hand in hand. Because when you are compromising on the budget, the quality does take a hit.

Luckily, when making kitchen cabinets today, there are a number of options available (depending on your budget) like solid wood, plywood, veneer, PVC, steel, etc. However, before using any of the materials, remember that apart from aesthetic appeal, the kitchen is an area where heat and water often come into play. Plus, you will be using this space regularly, where often things are roughly handled. So, choosing material for making kitchen cabinets is crucial.

Now talking about plywood, it is a preferred choice for many due to their durability, convenience, flexibility and for being cost-effective. Among plywoods, the three popular types of plywoods that are preferred in making kitchen cabinets and shutters are,

1) MR Grade Plywood: Also known as commercial plywood, this plywood is the cheapest among the three. MR (moisture resistant) grade plywood is resistant to water to a certain degree but it is not waterproof. Hence, this plywood works best, when you are planning a semi-modular kitchen or when the kitchen cabinets that you intend to fit are not near a water source like tap/sink or you are getting any indoor furniture made and/or when you have budget constraints.

2) BWR Plywood — BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) plywood is a bit costlier than MR Grade plywood but cheaper than Marine Grade Plywood. In terms of resisting water/moisture level, they are far better than commercial plywood.

In addition to BWR Plywood, you will also come across another similar abbreviation BWP grade plywood. Here, BWP stands for Boiling Water Proof. Both these variants, i.e. BWR and BWP are similar in quality. Hence these plywoods are often used in home interior and outdoor furniture where there are more chances of exposure to moisture. Ideal and popular material for kitchen cabinets and home furniture.

3) Marine Grade Plywood — It is the strongest from the above two plywoods and is far better in resisting water exposure compared to other plywoods. In fact, it is not prone to damage even after keeping it submerged for 72 hours. These are the primary reasons why Marine Grade Plywoods are costlier than other plywoods and used chiefly in marine applications.

Now when you compare all the three, then MR Grade Plywood is the ‘most affordable’ and Marine Grade Plywood is the ‘best’. However, if you ask us which plywood would you choose from the above, then we would say go for BWR/BWP grade plywoods. Though they are not the cheapest, they are definitely high in quality and reasonable to the pocket. With regards to the brand, the top plywood brands in India are CenturyPly, Greenply, Archid Ply , Purple ply, Pureplus Ply .

As far as laminates go, there are several brands available in the market that offer decorative laminates in 1mm thickness. Again, instead of going for a ‘not-heard’, local brand, it is advisable to go for known brands like Formica, Greenlam, Century Lam or Merino, Amulya, Bell Laminates,Brown Paper.

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