Lighting For Home

LED Lighting

No matter  what laminate color or the veneer we choose for the furniture,any experienced  interiors professional would tell you that lighting for home especially LED lighting is an essential part of the interiors ,When we are decorating a living room or for that matter the entire house .

Lights are now intelligent enough to listen to our voices and promote a better night’s sleep and  LED lights are now driving a lighting revolution with smaller sizes, improved brightness and wide range of colors to suit the ambiance and the mood of the dweller

Well-thought-out and planned lighting enhances the elements and details of a space, forming a complementary relationship with the structure, enriching the mood and ambiance of the interiors .

Lighting with an ambient interior would  be the much-needed eye candy after a long day at work. Perfect lighting can completely transform a space — not just by brightening the dark corners, but by affecting your emotions. It’s the crafty interplay between light and dark that creates appeal.

The light itself is a beautiful object that meets the eye on arrival to the room . 

Every room should have a mix of lighting, including the overhead and the wall lights. To cite an  example ,for the drawing room or the living room you might begin by hanging a decorative ceiling fixture i.e chandeliers or the joomers in the normal dialect at  the center of the room .

The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things — our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends.”

To name a few Brands available in the market – Philips ,Havells and Syska are dominating the market with their wide range of innovative styled lights suiting to diferent tastes and budgets .

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