Normal Hinges or Soft close Hinges !!!

Hinges for hand made furniture or for factory made furniture

In our experience most of the clients while looking for interiors of their house or for that matter kitchen and other cabinets, would be confused on the selection of the hinges for their dream home The most important thing that the owners should know or be aware is the types of hinges , that are available in the market and the result that they would have on the price and the lifetime of the cabinets.

Modular Hinges for furniture
Modular Hinges

 The following are the most common types of hinges –

1. Self-closing or Normal-closing hinges

Normal-close hinges are a type of hinges that have a spring-based system which pulls the cabinet door when you close a cabinet door. The auto-pull action will trigger after the door is closed to some extent (around 45 degrees).

  • Advantages :
  • Reliable and budget-friendly
  • Replacement cost would be cheaper in case of any issues .
  • Only disadvantage is it closes with a dud sound .

2. Slow-closing or Soft-closing hinges.

  • Soft-close hinges are durable and provides a smooth, silent closing motion. The primary benefit is the long-term health of your cabinets. Every time the door is shut the hinges take off the major impact and avoids shutting of the door very fast. This kind of hinges would be highly recommended ,where kids are at home and most of the operations are done by them .
  • Advantages:
  • Door closes smoothly or elegantly
  • Added safety feature to help protect the fingers of your children and little ones.
  • Good life of the furniture or the items kept inside as it avoids shutting down fast .
  • Dis advantages:
  • Price is slightly higher.

Point to Ponder : The difference will be significant in high-end brands such as Hettich and Blum but comparatively Ebco & Hepo soft close hinges are cheaper and would be a value for money product .We leave it to the discretion of the owner on the brand selection

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